Welcome to perfect metal works!
Over 30 years of experience and dealing with Aluminium and aluminium products has given us exceptional domain knowledge. We have now since the last decade, esp. in the last 5 years, gone beyond the scope of our strength in the trading business: we have established ourselves as techno-traders of Aluminium Alloys and Aluminium Products. Read More
The Aluminum Heatsinks

We specialize in keeping Heatsinks for all sorts of applications, uses
and functionalities. These too can be supplied in cut-sizes and in a
ready to use condition or nearly so.

The Aluminium Alloys

We specialize in a very large variety of Aluminium alloys and grades, which we are able to supply as per customer requirement of quantity
and perfectly cut to size. This amounts to a remarkable convenience
and savings to our clients, further enhanced by timely deliveries.

our range in brief
Our Range
  • Aluminium Heatsinks and Profiles
  • Aluminium Flats
  • Aluminium Rods
  • Aluminium Squares
  • Aluminium Reflector Sheet
our speciality
  • Aluminium Special Alloys
    • Specification / Grades – 2014, 2024, 7075, etc.
Aluminium Profiles